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Shock DoctoR Mouthguard

What is Shock Doctor Mouthguard

Shock Doctor is the undisputed leader in mouthguard technology and the number one mouthguard in the world and is now the global leader in sports protection and performance.Shock Doctor’s continuous innovation in performance driven and protective gear is trusted by fearless professional and youth athletes.Shock Doctor products are worn by hundreds of professional and collegiate Shock Doctor products are worn by hundreds of professional and collegiate athletes and are available in more than 10,000 retail locations worldwide.

Shock Doctor has been created for athletes of all levels. whether you are a top sports star in the game or competing to be a member of your local club, Shock Doctor products offer a variety of protection levels and will ensure you perform to your maximum potential. Protect your machine!

There is a moment in sports when the troops meet. This moment is our defining moment. Design to meet technical requirements, protection to meet performance. This is the moment when the fearless athlete soars. The moment when we represent everything that is only visible in slow motion replay. The moment of shock. Our milliseconds of glory in every race.


shock doctor mouth guard
shock doctor mouth guard

Why Choose Shock Doctor Mouthguard

After 20 years of hard work and struggle, Shock Doctor has now evolved from the undisputed leader in dental care technology to the leading innovator in global sports protection.

From youth to amateurs to professionals, a growing number of products and sports have convinced fearless athletes of our belief in combining design and technology to achieve better protection and performance.

Initially, our founders were fearless. Where conventional thinking caused necessary trouble, they saw an opportunity to rethink, re-equip and redefine mouth guards. They invested in research and product testing. They applied innovative design techniques. They revolutionized the industry with the introduction of the first Shock Doctor mouthguard.

Since then, Shock Doctor Mouthguard been committed to the fearless athlete, so a passion for sports and innovation led to the creation of Shock Doctor products.


Shock Doctor’s Product Categories

Braces Mouthguard
Core Protection
ICE Recovery Compression
Performance Sport Therapy

Shock Doctor Mouthguard Team

sisu mouthguard chief executive officer

Sassa Akervall

Chief Executive Officer
sisu mouthguard chief medical officer

Jan Akervall, M.D., PH.D

President, Chief Medical Officer
sisu mouthguard chief scientific officer

Johannes Schwank, PH.D

Chief Scientific Officer

sisu mouthguard chief operating officer

Kathy Capelli

Chief Operating & Financial Officer

Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouth Guard

Best Sale

The Shock Doctor Gel Max strapless mouthguard which suitable for adult and youth that offers the protection for your sport. It’s crafted using a heavy-duty rubber Exoskeletal Shock Frame and Gel-Fit Liner to provide maximum protection, fit and comfort.

Note: It is not recommended for individuals with braces.



shock doctor mouthguard

If you have any question about  Shock Doctor? Then you can give us/Shock Doctor a call or an email! They love hearing from their customers. They’d love to help you out the products.

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