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SISU Mouth Guards Junior 1.6mm Custom Fit Sports Mouthguard


  • SISU Junior NextGen mouth guards provide premium, warrantied dental protection for younger players ages 7-10
  • Only 1.6mm thick, the ultralight style of the Junior is five hundredth dilutant than standard sports mouth guards, providing most comfort and convenience
  • The slim, custom match makes it simple to speak, breathe and drink while not removing the guard, that contributes to raised hygiene
  • Diffusix technology scientifically distributes impact forces from football game, football, hockey, lacrosse, basketball and alternative contact games
  • Junior NextGen SISU guards feature a wider bite pad, rounded edges for comfort and improved mold-ability to make sure an ideal fit; not compatible with braces
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SISU Mouth Guards Junior 1.6mm Custom Fit Sports Mouthguard for Kids, NextGen, Snow White
SISU Mouth Guards Junior 1.6mm Custom Fit Sports Mouthguard for Kids, NextGen, Snow White

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The SISU Junior NextGen Mouth Guard offers additional protection with less mouth guard. Designed to suit players ages 7-10, it’s ideal for football, football, hockey, lacrosse, basketball and different high-impact team sports. NextGen models feature enhancements over the initial, together with a wider bite pad, rounded edges for comfort, and improved mold-ability to make sure an ideal work. All SISU guards are often quickly and simply formed (and re-molded) reception with quandary. At only 1.6mm thick—50 p.c diluent than standard mouth guards—players sporting the slim SISU Junior NextGen will speak, breathe and hydrate with the guard in-place. The SISU Junior NextGen is designed with Diffusix technology, that uses a non-compressible, perforated material to distribute impact forces and cut back risk of dental injury throughout competition. SISU Junior guards don’t seem to be compatible with braces (SISU Aero or soap guard is usually recommended for all ages sporting braces; dental skilled ought to be consulted for fitting). For athletes age eleven and older, strive the SISU Aero NextGen or SISU soap NextGen for a stronger work. SISU mouth guards square measure backed by a $35,000, one year restricted dental pledge protection. Guard is freed from BPA, PVC, phthalates, and latex. created within the USA.

SISU Mouth Guards Junior 1.6mm Custom Fit Sports Mouthguard


Question:Does it have a tether reasonably factor to connect to the front of a field game helmet, like different mouthguards?
Answer:It failed to associate with tether.

Question:Can you wear it with braces?
Answer:Yes! per the SISU web site, they’ll be worn with braces. My female offspring wears it together with her expander. you have got to remold it when the braces come back off – straightforward to try to to.

Question:Is one.6 or 2.4mm higher for a twelve twelvemonth recent boy?
Answer:It would extremely depend upon the game. The 2.4 is thicker. each my boys use the one.6 and play basketball, field game and association football with it. you’ll be able to additionally decision the corporate, and that they ar terribly useful.

Question:will this match a four year old?
Answer:It can most likely be too massive for your four y/o. I got two for my five y/o twins and even when a small amount of trimming it’s still too massive. you’d positively got to trim a number of the perimeters thus it does not rub.

Question:Can it’s used for Jiu Jitsu?
Answer:I have used the adult two.4 version for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It’s adequate for jiu jitsu however I presently use a heavier mouthguard (Gladiator Guare. Nearly as snug however nothing is kind of as snug as a sisu IMO).
My 9yr recent female offspring trains jiu-jitsu in addition and im presently obtaining her one among these for sophistication…. it ought to be enough for youths and its snug thus i do know she’ll wear it. see less

Question:Is this BPA free?
Answer:All sisu mouthguards ar pvc, latex, BPA and phthalate free. No harsh chemicals ar used.

Question:Can you employ this for lower teeth and not the top?
Answer:It’s straightforward and comfy to wear a second guard, (the 1st guard forever protective the highest teeth).

Customer Service SISU/SOVA Manufacturer · Gregorian calendar month five, 2019

Question:Why is it known as “Junior”? Is it for youths only? Thanks.
Answer:Please visit the official SISU Guard web site. you’ll see the Junior Aero merely suggests that it’s the scale for 7-10 years olds. this might not give enough coverage for many adults. Ages 11-Adult should purchase the Regular Aero or Regular goop – solely distinction between these 2 Adult Guards is a smaller amount than 1mm thickness bigger goop, for prime impact sports, offers. the rationale the Adult Guard fits Ages eleven and up is as a result of eleven year olds ar or ar terribly as regards to full adult set of teeth. So again, Junior is for young children solely (approx ages 7-10) see less

Question:How do I contact this seller? My mouthguard ne’er arrived?
Answer:Were you able to contact the vendor and did you finally receive your guard?

Question:Does this cowl the highest and bottom teeth?
Answer:It doesn’t. it will primarily fold over either the highest or bottom-though i feel it might match solely the highest best because the dimension of it’d not match bottom teeth in addition. it is a single wing product tho’ thus it creates only 1 channel, not 2 like others. that is the purpose of it tho’, for it to suit the highest higher so you’ll be able to breath easier and even be higher at communication whereas carrying it. see less


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