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SISU GO Minimalist Sports Mouth Guard


  • Ultra-lightweight, basic coverage mouthguard provides protection even when not needed for sports such as basketball, soccer, water polo and baseball
  • Canine-to-canine coverage protects the mouth where most injuries occur; fragile areas redistribute impact forces to reduce mouthguard stress
  • Shorter, perforated 1.6mm ultra-thin bite pad improves hygiene by making it easy to talk, breathe and drink without removing the shield
  • Contoured bite pad for easy fitting; custom mouthguards can be quickly and easily molded (and re-molded) in seconds using hot water
  • Premium dental protection for players ages 11 and up (including adults); one-year limited $35,000 dental warranty from the manufacturer
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SISU GO Minimalist Sports Mouth Guard for Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, Custom Fit for Youth/Adults, Snow White
SISU GO Minimalist Sports Mouth Guard for Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, Custom Fit for Youth/Adults, Snow White

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While many sports don’t mandate mouthguard use, even non-contact games can lead to injuries of the teeth, jaw, and soft tissues of the lips, cheeks, and gums. Enter SISU GO, the mouthguard that provides canine-to-canine coverage, protecting the mouth where most injuries happen. Scientifically engineered with Diffusix technology, the non-compressible, perforated material distributes impact forces over a larger area to reduce risk of dental injury during training and competition. Thinner, at just 1.6mm, and shorter than conventional mouthguards, it’s easy to talk, drink, and breathe without having to remove the guard, which contributes not only to better hygiene, but better performance in sports where airflow, hydration, and communication are key. The outlined bite pad provides a guide for easy fitting, and a custom fit is quickly molded (and can be re-molded) in seconds at home using hot water; guard is free of BPA, PVC, phthalates, and latex. The SISU GO Custom Fit Sports Mouthguard is ideal for when a mouth guard is recommended but not required. For mandated sports, the SISU Aero provides ultralight protection, the SISU Max offers maximum coverage for high-impact sports, and the SISU Junior protects kids from dental injury. All SISU guards are backed by a manufacturer’s one-year limited $35,000 dental warranty.


Question:Does the white one get dingy once use?
Answer:The white guard can obtain colours a lot of simply than the opposite coloured guards.
To help keep its pristine white color, please don’t drink coloured beverages whereas sporting it.
Recommended cleansing is with dentifrice or gentle soap. Please don’t use cleansing tablets or change of color agents on your SISU Mouthguard. … see more

Question:Would you employ the opt for lacrosse?
Answer:I haven’t opened ours however to mildew it, however i believe you may use it for field game. I in person felt more well-off having my girl use a pre shaped one (this one comes flat and you mildew it yourself)that looked a touch sturdier that’s specifically sold for field game.


Question:Does it keep company with a case for storage?
Answer:Good question, the SISU GO comes in an exceedingly clamshell packaging. If you store your guard in an exceedingly instrumentality, it ought to be aired. we have a tendency to do provide a aired storage case. Here may be a link to our web site FAQ to search out further care and storage tips; be at liberty to contact U.S. if we will be of any assistance; 800.444.0570 or

Question:Which is that the better option for snowboarding (to minimize concussion risk), the Go or the Aero?
Answer:We suggest victimization the SISU Aero or GHB for snowboarding.
Please apprehend that there’s no mouthguard that may stop concussion. A concussion happens once your brain collides with the within of your os. A mouthguard can shield your teeth from the injury caused by trauma to the face and mouth.

Question:Has anyone used this with braces? Thoughts?
Answer:Hi, smart question. Yes, SISU Mouthguards are often used with braces. Please watch our braces fitting video and consult your dental skilled for fitting help. Here is that the link for fitting with braces; allow us to apprehend if we will assist you additional at or decision 800.444.0570

Question:Does it keep company with a case for storage?
Answer:No, mouth guard solely

Question:What will “Registering your sisu” do? there’s a blunder that came with mouthgaurd that says to go to web site to register.
Answer:It helps the manufacturer keep track of its customers ought to the necessity arise to give notice you.
It is not used for spamming or for advertising functions.

Question:Could you employ this on the higher or lower teeth? Or is it simply meant for upper?
Answer:A prime guard is usually counseled for cover throughout sports. you’ll be able to wear the SISU proceed rock bottom teeth additionally to the highest teeth.



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