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Shock Doctor Pro Mouth Guard, Adult, Strapless


  • SPORTS: Our sports mouth guard is appropriate for all contact sports wherever a mouth guard is needed or counseled like: soccer, basketball, lacrosse, hockey, MMA, boxing, jiu jitsu and far additional
  • COMFORT & FIT: Boil & bite work provides a cushty work and may be reformed PRN
  • PROTECTION: Shock fascinating front bumper protects against impact
  • DENTAL GUARANTEE: $10,000 Dental assurance for peace of mind
  • BRACES COMPATIBLE: Works with braces to safeguard your dental medicine investment
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Shock Doctor Pro Mouth Guard, Adult, Strapless
Shock Doctor Pro Mouth Guard, Adult, Strapless

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Proven twin Composite Construction with internal shock-absorbing frame offers protection and work that outperforms standard mouthguards. Shock Shock fascinating Bumper absorbs and deflects impact off from front teeth. Works well with braces.

Shock-absorbing bumper that deflects impact away from front teeth. Multi-layer construction with an internal shock-absorbing frame that offers superior protection and fit compared to conventional mouthguards. Quick and easy boil and bite fitting, for a tight-molded gel fit.



Question:does it accompany a high and bottom, or does one got to exit separately?
Answer:The mouthguard solely comes with one piece. this can be a “single” mouthguard. If you wish one protects each high and bottom teeth, opt for a “double” mouthguard.

Question:Is it smart of rugby?
Answer:I have vie football game for twelve years – this can be the sole mouthguard i favor to use. I’ve used this precise vogue for ten years. It molds well – has enough cushioning for interesting contact – and most significantly I will breathe and speak whereas sporting it. I forget I even have it in. once they stopped mercantilism them in native sports stores and solely sold bulkier Shock Doctor mouthguards, I bought five of those on Amazon. cannot advocate this mouthguard powerfully enough…

Question:Does it accompany a case for the mouthguard?
Answer:Please forgive American state for the late response. sadly, the mouth guard did not accompany a case.

Question:Is this a boil and bite mouth guard to adapt to your teeth?
Answer:It fits far better if you are doing boil & bite. it is a nice mouth guard. Nice protection.

Question:Is this smart to combat night grinding?
Answer:Yes, excellent and safety

Question:Is this adult or youth size? Title says each and there’s no thanks to choose adult size with strap.
Answer:I bought one for my twelve year previous son and it looks fine

Question:what area unit the scale of the youth mouth guard?
Answer:Hi, Thanks for searching for Associate in Nursing item we provide at intervals our Amazon store. This mouth guard within the youth size is ~2.25″ wide at its widest purpose and one.75″ long from the front to the rear of the mouthguard. These dimensions you’ll be in a position customise to a definite extent once you match this mouth guard to the childs mouth. For size pointers with most mouth guards is that the youth/junior size is often suggested for teenagers 10/11 and younger and therefore the adult size for 11/12 and up. allow us to grasp if you have got the other queries. Thanks once more.

Question:Good for braces and underbites?
Answer:We have a Shock Doctor mouthpiece that’s specifically created to accommodate braces, however this one conjointly works well with braces.

Question:Hi, i simply ordered and would love a youth size (for eight year old). i didn’t see the choice to pick a size. am i able to get a youth size ?
Answer:Hello, sadly at current we have a tendency to area unit experiencing problems with our listing of this product. Our merchandise can usually be separated by changes created to amazon’s platfrom. I even have enclosed the URL’s for each the strapped and non-strapped version of our mouthguard below:

If you have got further queries, please contact our client service department via email – or decision 800-233-6956 and we’ll fain assist you! see less

Question:Description says it’s “adult” size however several reviews say individuals bought and used it for his or her children. can it match a ten twelvemonth old’s mouth or be too big?
Answer:Hi, The adult filler is for a baby 11years previous and up. It depends on the dimensions of the kid.
Play Moore Hockey

Question:Where is that the button to pick your size?
Answer:Hello, The response below from the vendor is correct. There was a slip-up during this listing that was preventing a size from being elite. If you have got further queries or need further as stance please contact our client service department via email – or by phone at (800)-233-6956 and that we can fain do what we will to resolve this issue for you!

Question:How do i attach it to helmet ?
Answer:Hello and many thanks for your inquiry into our Shock Doctor professional Strapped Mouthguard. concerning attaching this to a helmet, you’ll got to pull the tether out of the mouthguard, place the whorled finish of the mouthguard against the helmet, pull the blocked finish that attaches to the mouthguard through the loop making a knot, reattach the tether to the mouthguard. If you wish to any extent further help please contact American state at (657) 383-4444 or and that i can assist you.


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