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Mouth Guard Cleaner

If you or your child is using a mouth guard, then you should take care of the care and cleaning of the mouthguard for their daily oral hygiene. Keeping the mouthguard properly means that it will continue to work for as long as possible. At this point in time, you may need a mouth guard cleaner. Our experts have a variety of the best mouth guard cleaners for you to choose. For the sake of health and saving money, you need to pay attention to the hygiene of your mouth guard.

mouthguard cleaner

Denture Cleaner Tablets

Using cleaning tablets and powders to clean night guards is one of the most popular methods and ensures that it lasts for many years. You may have heard of these products, and these tablets can help prevent plaque buildup or stains, or in some cases remove stains or hardened plaque. They will also leave your mouthpiece smelling fresh and clean.

Dental Sanitizing Devices

Mouth guard disinfection devices are based on the principle of using ozone and UV light to clean night guards. They require batteries to operate and will clean your mouthguard in minutes. However, they are more expensive than tablets or powders.

Natural Mouth Guard Cleaner

Natural guard cleaners are the soda, soap and white vinegar we commonly use to soak and clean your mouthguard, they all have antiseptic and disinfectant properties, but be sure to rinse thoroughly with water after use them as well. If you don’t want to use chemicals to clean, then natural cleaners are the best choice.

Why should you keep using night guard cleaners to clean your night guards, mouthguards, retainer cleaner, or mouthpiece?

Dental professionals have done a lot of research on this subject and the results are shocking. Similar to doorknobs or handpieces, dental mouth guards are a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria. Therefore, if you fail to clean your mouth guard regularly, or use mouth guard cleaners, you will face more diseases such as developing tooth decay, gum recession, gingivitis, staph infections, bacterial infections and other oral lesions, and if these bacteria grow like crazy in your body, they can even affect your lungs and heart. You don’t want to get yourself into this predicament, so you need to take this matter of cleaning your braces (retainer) seriously.

Mouth Guard Cleaner

A moist place is a haven for bacteria. Like your mouth, there is an unlimited supply of food particles, and then if you wear a mouth guard, you must pay more attention to cleaning your mouth and mouth guard, which can prevent the formation of bacterial colonies and the formation of mold.

Night Guard Cleaner

You must keep the night guard clean before and after use, and air dry it after cleaning. When not wearing it you need to store it in a special case, not in the bathroom, but in your bedroom so you can get to it more easily at night.

Mouthguard cleaner

In fact, the principle of cleaning the mouthguard is very simple, is to prevent the production of bacteria and kill bacteria and viruses. Of course, there is also to maintain a fresh smell, rather than when you next want to use after smelling the odor, and then no desire to continue to use it.

mouth guard cleaner

Clean Mouth Guard


Understanding each method and principle of cleaning your mouthguard. Each cleaning method has unique materials and value.


Depending on your personal budget and mouthguard material (some mouth guards will have guidance instructions), choose the cleaning method that best suits your night guard


Carefully follow the steps of each mouth guard cleaning method, some night guard cleansers will have instructions, you just need to follow the instructions.

Just like your teeth, the mouth guard or retainer needs care and cleaning to keep it at its best station. Incorporating these steps into your routine will go an extended way toward not only keeping it fresh and clean, but also giving it the longest life possible.

— Dr. John Doe