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There are many advantages to having a custom-made mouthguard when you play sports that are likely to put a lot of strain on your teeth (field hockey, rugby, boxing), but also when you suffer from bruxism. To be effective, the mouthguard must be made to measure, by a dentist.

All dentitions are different

It is obvious that each person has his or her own dentition, so it is necessary to choose custom-made services for any intervention on the teeth. Mouthguards must be comfortable, they must not make the patient feel uncomfortable or cause bad reflexes (for example, jaw movements to correct the discomfort).

The purchase of “universal” mouthguards in supermarkets or pharmacies is therefore to be avoided, especially since a follow-up is necessary to be able to use adapted materials, but also to receive precious advice on their use.

Custom-made mouthguards against bruxism

Bruxism, commonly known as “teeth grinding”, causes significant damage when left untreated. It can be caused by stress, anxiety or other more complex factors. Teeth grinding inevitably leads to enamel wear, but also to muscle tension, joint pain, and sometimes even headaches. People who sleep with patients who suffer from bruxism can also be inconvenienced during the night.

The custom-made mouthguard is made following an interview with the dentist who will establish a diagnosis and then create an individual occlusal plate in collaboration with a specialized laboratory. This will take into account many parameters in order to provide optimal results and total comfort for the patient. Thanks to the occlusal plate, the patient will stop damaging his or her teeth, bones and joints and may even lose the bruxism reflex.

The materials used in dental offices are perfectly adapted to the treatment of bruxism and the follow-up is ensured by experienced dentists, accustomed to carry out this kind of intervention. If you suffer from bruxism and your teeth are very worn, the dentist can also offer you reconstruction solutions.

Custom-made mouthguards for sports

In the past, custom-made mouthguards were reserved for elite athletes. The cost was so high that few amateurs chose this solution when playing their favorite sport. Now, mouthguards are no longer just for boxers, field hockey players or rugby players, but are available to everyone at reasonable prices.

Custom-made mouthguards are molded to the shape of the teeth and gums for maximum protection. They help prevent gum injuries while preventing teeth from splitting or breaking.

Making a custom mouthguard

Before the mouthguard is made, the patient meets with his or her dentist during an initial appointment. The dentist takes an impression of the teeth and gums using a mold and a specific paste. This step is completely painless. In a second step, the mouthguard is made in the laboratory, from the impressions. It is made of a material chosen and recommended by the health professional, according to the patient’s needs. Once made, a second meeting with the dentist will allow the mouthguard to be tested for comfort. If it fits, the patient can immediately leave with the mouthguard. If it is uncomfortable, the health professionals will perform the necessary interventions until the mouthguard is perfectly adapted and does not cause any discomfort.

The mouthguard can therefore avoid many inconveniences, it acts as both a preventive and a corrective solution (especially in cases of bruxism).