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How to boil mouth guard

Choosing a mouth guard and buying the right one for you is not an easy task, and of course, people often ask how to boil mouthguard, so in this article we will pass on the most useful information to our readers – how to boil mouth guard
If you choose to purchase a custom mouth guard, then please carefully understand the steps to boil a mouth guard.

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1: Place the mouthguard in boiling water for twenty seconds. Make sure the entire mouthguard is covered with water. Do not let the sides of the mouth guard fold up. They will stick together.

2: Remove the mouthguard with a spoon, submerge it in ice water for about one second, and then immediately place it in your mouth, centered on the upper socket. Place your tongue against your upper jaw and suck out any excess water and air with a sucking motion.

3: Carefully remove and place back in ice water to set for 5 minutes.