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how much does a mouthguard cost

What is the price of a custom mouthguard?

Everyone’s mouth shape and teeth impression are unique. A custom mouthguard is therefore more effective and comfortable to wear in many sports. However, it is a slightly higher investment. By the way, what is the price of a custom mouthguard?

But before we talk about the price of a custom mouthguard, it is important to remember that it is an excellent protection for your teeth. It also prevents more serious injuries to your mouth and head. It also protects you from the higher costs of dental repairs. Not to mention the inconvenience and pain avoided.

Estimating the price of a mouthguard

For many protective and preventive devices, the cost is related to the various degrees of effectiveness. Thus, the price of a custom-made mouthguard is slightly higher than that of other types of mouthguards. This element signals its best performance.

There are currently three types of mouthguards on the market: standard, universal and custom. They perform different protective functions, and their cost varies according to their capabilities.

Mass-produced mouthguards

Mass-produced mouthguards are available at a low cost. As the name implies, they cannot be custom-fitted to the mouth or tooth shape.

The comfort and protection they provide are therefore limited, as is the quality of the materials used. They cost around $10 and can be found in pharmacies.

Universal mouthguards

The universal mouthguard is shaped after purchase. To personalize it, you have to soften it in hot water before wearing it for the first time. It keeps the impression of the teeth when you bite it for a few minutes.

Its modeling capacity requires the use of a thin material and therefore, less effective. But it still provides a certain adaptation to the dentition, better than that of the serial protector. However, in this case too, this adaptation is highly dependent on cost. The price of universal mouthguards varies greatly, ranging from $10 to a hundred dollars.

The custom-made mouthguard

The custom mouthguard is not really comparable to the previous types. It is a denturist who manufactures it especially for you using high-performance materials. It takes into account the exact morphology of your mouth and teeth, according to all professional manufacturing standards.

Thus, the custom-made mouthguard is durable and perfectly fitted. It offers optimal protection, increased comfort and improved breathability. In addition, if you wear orthodontic appliances, the custom-made mouthguard adapts to your appliances, while protecting them adequately. The cost is $250.

A piece of sports equipment like any other

The custom-made mouthguard is an essential piece of protective and preventive sports equipment. For certain sports activities, such as field hockey or baseball, it should be considered mandatory equipment. It protects the integrity of the teeth and mouth, preventing painful injuries that often lead to repair costs. Think of dental bridges, or other appliances that restore the teeth.

Although the price of a custom-made mouthguard is higher, it is often less expensive than some protective equipment used in field hockey, for example. In addition, some dental insurances provide partial or full payment.

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