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Can’t you close mouth with night guard?

See how people who wear braces discuss their problems, some of them also encounter the question Can’t close mouth with night guard?

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1. John
I went to the dentist because some of my teeth were cracking near my gums and she told me I should wear a night guard at bedtime because she thought I was grinding my teeth, even though I wasn’t sure if I would be grinding my teeth. The dental office made me a night guard made of soft rubbery plastic for the bottom teeth, and I picked it up today. It’s weird though. With it on, when I clench my jaw, only 1 pair of second molars (1 bottom, 1 top) on the right side are actually in full contact. If I grip harder, the other pair of molars on the left side touch, but that’s about it. The rest of the teeth in my mouth are floating. Is this normal? If I’m actually grinding my teeth, does this add a lot of pressure to a pair of teeth at night?

The person who gave me the night guard and adapted quickly said it was fine and that I would get used to it in a few weeks. Tonight I will be sleeping with night guarding for the first time.

2. Kidd
I also have a night watchman and when I close my mouth it touches all my teeth. Although if the dentist doesn’t think it’s a problem, maybe it’s not. It may just be thicker in some places. If you are grinding your teeth, the night guard should protect your teeth and it will wear down and break before your teeth do.

3. Peter
I tried to sleep with the night guard last night but it was uncomfortable so I took it out. This morning I looked again and it seems that the first molars on both sides are touching the night guard. All other teeth are floating. The incisors are 10-15mm apart and when I simulate sleeping and relaxing my mouth, my lips open slightly as the gap allows air to come in and out when I breathe. I wondered if this would make me start snoring, which I don’t usually do. I spit a lot of saliva out of my mouth because it feels like I have food in my mouth and I might start drooling because my lips are open.
I was thinking that if I cut off a little bit of the end of my night guard I might be able to close my mouth more, but I’m not sure if that would work and could cause the bare teeth to touch each other. My jaw also moves depending on which side I sleep on, and the point of contact may move forward to the second molar or backward to the wisdom teeth.

4. Morgan
Another problem I noticed while wearing my night guard was that it was very difficult to swallow excess saliva from my mouth with my jaw open and unable to close it. Instead of doing it unconsciously, I had to consciously take over and alter my tongue to force a swallow. I think it might be easier if I could just close my mouth a little.
I have seen some North American service companies that can produce night guards in various thicknesses down to 2 mm for $150 to $200. They send you the mold putty and molding compound, you mix it and bite down on it, and send it back to them. I could not find any sites in Germany that offer this type of service. In my quick search, I only found a UK company called Den Lab Direct, but some reviewers mentioned problems with that company.