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Boxing Mouth Guard

Boxing mouth guards play a role second only to gloves in boxing, providing better protection for the boxer’s teeth, jaw and brain. You may wonder why a boxer must wear a mouthguard, but it is actually to protect yourself and your opponent. Teeth may bite your lips, the inside of your mouth, or your tongue, or they may bite into your opponent’s knuckles. Of course, the main reason is to protect your teeth from being knocked out. It is definitely a terrible mistake for a boxer to not use a mouth guard in a boxing match.

Custom Style

Competition boxing pros may also prefer custom-made mouth guards, which involve making a cast of the teeth. The dentist or professional uses this mold to create the exact shape of your teeth to fit the mouthguard perfectly. This type of boxing mouth guard is more expensive and because it is custom made, it takes longer to receive. It usually starts with a visit to the dentist, where you can order and make the mouthguard under a home mold, and then mail the mold to the company, who then makes the mouthguard and sends it back to you, all for under $100.

Boil and Bite

The principle of these sports mouth guards is that they are made of heat-sensitive materials and they soften in hot water. Usually, you need to leave the sports guard in boiling water for a while, then remove the guard to cool slightly and place it in your mouth and bite down on it, allowing it to conform and set with the contours of your teeth. They provide a good custom fit, but may not fit as well as a custom bo’xing mouth guard.

All in One Site

This style of boxing mouthguard is a uniform one size fits all and is available in various big box stores or sporting goods stores. They are the easiest to find and therefore usually the cheapest, but they can suck. Our experts recommend a custom or boiled style for your preferred boxing guard.

How A Boxing Mouth Guard Play an Important Role in A Boxing Game

The athletes on the field must have found a fancy green item in their mouths, some of them don’t know what it is, it is an indispensable equipment in the high intensity competition – sports mouth guard.I remember seeing a news some time ago, in an MMA tournament “martial arts cage pair” competition, Chinese player Askerbai, violent heavy blows knocked out nine teeth of the opponent, the teeth fell off together with the mouthguard, such a powerful blow, such a bloody scene, people have to feel shocked, if there is no protection of the mouthguard, the serious and terrible consequences can not be estimated.


Boxing Mouth Guard History

It has been at least 70 years since its invention. About the origin of the mouthguard, probably in the late 19th century, early 20th century. Early boxers used oral protection equipment can be said to be a variety of cotton or sponge stuffed in the mouth, as well as chewing on a strip of rubber or even a small piece of wood, these various “mouthguard” must have made the oral cavity feeling is difficult to say, the effect of protection is not as satisfactory.

Until 1890, in London, England, a general dentist named Woolf Krause (Woolf Krause), invented a mouthguard made of resin, the use of this resin mouthguard requires the wearer to tighten it on the teeth, oral comfort is not high, but in the prevention of boxer’s lips cracked a significant effect. Dr. Woolf Krause (Woolf Krause) has a son, this person is an amateur boxer named Phillip Krause (Phillip Krause). With the experience of frequent combat, he improved on his father’s invention by changing the material of the mouthguard to a slightly hard rubber. The emergence of this mouthguard should be regarded as a truly reusable oral protective equipment.

The first professional fighter to use a rubber mouthguard was Phillip Krause’s friend Ted Lewis. Lewis used a rubber mouthguard for the first time in 1921 in a welterweight title fight, but the mouthguard was still not taken seriously by most people at the time.

The time came in 1927, in a boxing match, Mike McTigue, who had been on the dominant side, had to give up the fight and admit defeat because his lip was bleeding from a tooth cut. Since then, the mouth guard has become more and more popular among boxers, and has really become popular since then.


Mouth Guard Use in Modern Boxing Game

In modern competition, it is generally mandatory that athletes must wear a mouth guard when they appear in the ring. The mouthguard should be the right size, and the host is obliged to provide them with a mouthguard if they do not bring their own. Athletes should not spit out their mouth guards during the competition, or they will be warned. If the mouthguard is knocked out, the referee on stage will pick it up, take the fighter to his corner, hand it over to his assistant for rinsing, and then the referee on stage will put it on the athlete. During this process the athlete is forbidden to talk to his assistant and his opponent is to move to a neutral corner. A fighter may not change his mouthguard at will. The match cannot start without the athlete wearing a mouth guard.


How Boxing Mouth Guards Work

Wearing a boxing mouth guard allows the wearer to be forced to clench the muscles of the mouth in a state of force at all times, the facial muscles are tense, and a natural reaction force is generated by external forces. This is the use of increased area to reduce the principle of pressure, the oral cavity all teeth and gums fixed into a whole, effectively preventing the destructive impact on a single tooth, in fact, this and a chopstick is easy to be broken, a chopstick hold into a group folded constantly is a reason.

The teeth guard fits on the gums and teeth, forming a buffer between the cheeks and teeth, which can greatly reduce the chance of injury to the oral soft tissues and the lips, cheeks, tongue, teeth and jaws. It fundamentally prevents the possibility of bleeding from the impact of teeth and lips, which would otherwise also affect breathing. It effectively prevents the facial temporomandibular joint from trauma, which could potentially fracture the temporal bone or even endanger the skull if there is no mouth guard protection. With this reliable protective layer, the impact of the attacking force on the mouth, head and neck is greatly cushioned.


Why not try to pick a Boxing Mouth Guard? Boxers

Boxing mouth guards are generally divided into two types, one is a double layer, full guard-shaped mouth guard, which has two layers of upper and lower. The upper and lower teeth can bite, can protect both upper and lower teeth, but this will affect breathing to a certain extent, and this double guard is not very comfortable to wear, although it can protect the teeth of the lower jaw, but the effect is not so outstanding. The other is a single-layer boxing mouthguard. It is mainly a half guard that protects one side of the teeth and is worn on the upper teeth, against the upper jaw. This single-layer mouthguard has relatively little effect on breathing. And the protection is not much worse than the full mouthguard. Obviously, this type of half guard single layer mouthguard is more suitable for normal training or combat use.

The new boxing mouth guard firstly needs to be tried on in the mouth, if necessary, you need cut it off a little scissors, and then use about 70-80 degrees of hot water to make it soft, generally about ten seconds to soften. Put it in your mouth while it’s hot and stick it on your upper teeth and then bite down on it with moderate force, but not too hard to avoid biting through. At the same time, you can use your fingers to press the mouthguard to fit the gums and other parts of the teeth. A new mouthguard can be used again and again after only one setting.

Some people feel like vomiting the first time or when they first start to wear the mouthguard, this is very normal, generally no need to worry if the material is okay. Others feel that their breathing is greatly affected and their mouths are uncomfortable. These are not problems, generally put on the mouthpieces are breathing through the nose, as long as the usual training often use it slowly adapt. Do not get lucky when training in real life, no matter how careful both sides control the power, there is always a time to miss. For those who love fighting and boxing, it is better to have a suitable and useful mouthguard for everyone. Pick one now!

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