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Basketball Mouth Guard

Basketball Mouthguards play a very important protective role in the game of basketball, and research from the University of Washington shows that basketball players have about a 10% chance of suffering a dental injury on the court.

Experts suggest that wearing a mouthguard during basketball games is a very simple but effective way to prevent injuries to teeth and gums. Mouth guards can also help reduce the severity of concussions. Mouth guards can be used as your insurance policy against dangerous facial contact on the court.

curry basketball mouthguard

All-in-one Size

Generally these mouth guards are the cheapest option, they are not specifically designed for your teeth so you have to shut up to hold them in place, which is very impractical in basketball games. Therefore, our experts do not recommend that you buy cheap mouthguards.


An ill-fitting mouthguard is worse than one that is not worn. It can easily fall out of your mouth, distract you, reduce protection, and even hurt your gums. However, the boil-and-bite method used by most mouth guards makes it easy to create custom braces that fit your teeth perfectly.

Custom Fitted

These basketball mouthguards are made to fit the contours of your mouth, providing you with a perfect fit and therefore the best protection during basketball. Unfortunately, they are also the most expensive type of mouthguard, typically charging $300 to $500. If you can afford this price, then you will get a very comfortable mouthguard that will allow you to speak and breathe normally while providing great protection.

Popular Products

Golden State Warriors stephen-curry-basketball-mouthguard

Steph Curry Mouthguard

Lebron James Basketball mouthguard

Lebron James Mouthguard

Most NBA players wear mouth guards, even if they are not mandatory. If you love the NBA game, you should know that back in the 2017 NBA playoffs, Isiah Thomas played for the Boston Celtics. In this series, he chose not to wear a basketball mouth guard. During a playoff game, Thomas was struck in the face by a flying elbow from a player on the opposing team. He broke a tooth and lost several more. If Thomas had worn a mouthguard during that basketball game, he could have saved himself a lot of money on dental bills and avoided some serious injuries.

Basketball mouth guards protect teeth by absorbing and redistributing the force of an impact before it reaches the tooth. This protects the athlete from broken or missing teeth and also protects soft tissue from cuts. In fact, according to the American Dental Association, wearing a mouthguard reduces the chances of developing a dental injury by a factor of 60!

The effectiveness of mouth guards has been widely proven, and many sports such as boxing, field hockey and soccer have made them mandatory. Today, the American Dental Association recommends the use of mouth guards in 29 sports, including basketball!

In the United States, the cost of dental repairs can range from $300 to $15,000. Very expensive. The risk of losing a tooth for any basketball player is high. Basketball is the sport most likely to cause dental damage. Our experts recommend these simple mouth guards that can simply be purchased online and prepared at home to provide you with protection while playing basketball.

In the past, it was considered “stupid” and “soft” to wear a mouthguard during a basketball game. In the 1980s and 1990s, NBA players rarely wore mouth guards. For example, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant never wore mouth guards in their careers.

Nowadays, basketball mouthguards have become a cool basketball accessory due to the popularity of NBA superstars such as Steph Curry and Lebron James wearing them.

How Do I Clean My Basketball Mouth Guard After Playing Basketball

There are sports mouth guards on the market that can deposit unwanted germs and bacteria in all their nooks and crannies. If you want a mouthguard that is easy to clean, simply buy a famous brand. All of the basketball mouth guards our experts recommend are very easy to clean. There are many ways to clean your mouthguard.

What mouthguards do NBA players use?

Hoopstar Basketball Mouth Guard.
SISU Mouth Guard Aero.
OPRO Gold Level Mouth Guard.
Under Armour SC30 Mouth Guard.

Do NBA players have to wear a mouthguard

The National Basketball Association (NBA) hasn’t mandated them for its players, tho’ it’s established tips for those that like better to wear mouthguards. they need to be a solid colour—white, black, clear, or a team’s primary colour—and cannot have any brands except the team logo.

“We tend to invest so much money in basketball shoes and basketball uniforms, but the aspect that can actually benefit a child for life is actually a mouth guard that can protect them from injuries during the sport.”

— Dr. John Doe